Raquel Rosario

"Healing is an act of communion" - bell hooks

Raquel Rosario is a Senior Teacher and Sadhaka of the ISHTA Yoga lineage. With a decade of teaching experience, Raquel works with students to learn about what is needed to help bring them into physical and energetic alignment. In group settings, Raquel begins classes with asking students to scan their bodies and breath. By noticing these sensations they can then become aware of their innate physical wisdom. Through connecting with these sensations and further exploring them in movement and stillness, an intimacy with self is developed and nurtured. It is this intimacy that leads to the awareness of what is needed to facilitate balance, healing, and wellness.

Working in small-groups or one-on-one heightens this intimacy. Raquel intuitively creates a session, incorporating poses, breath work, and meditation techniques which culminate into a sense of expansiveness and ease for participants.

Raquel's current public group class schedule is:

9:30AM-10:45AM Saturday All Levels @ ISHTA Yoga 

4:30PM-5:45PM Saturday Foundations @ Sacred Brooklyn

(please click on school name for location and to register for class)

To book a private or semi-private session with Raquel, visit the Services section of the site.